The kickboxing was created in Japan around the sixties by Sr Osamy Noguchi who was boxing promoter and the first president of the Japanese Association of Kickboxing.
The Kickboxing was a success and it was really famed in Japan. After this, the Kickboxing was in home's television. Tdashi Sawamura was the first kickboxers most popular in this epoch. ShinNihon Kickboxing Association (New Japan Kickboxing Association), was successor to the association created by Sr. Noguchi and actually is directed by Kaicho Shinichi Ihara. This association regulates the sports in Japan and is the only one that is recognized for Professionals Sports Association in the Japanese government mantein the original rules of the Kickboxing that was created by Sr. Noguchi.
After forty years the Kickboxing transformed in one of the more important sport in the world and this is practicing by millions person around the world.